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We provide smart solar leads to grow your business

One-click learning for solar customers

One-click Learning

Our innovative and highly dynamic website makes it easier for a user to learn about the benefits of going solar. With just one click, a visitor gets useful information about savings with solar, different financial options of going solar, the importance of technology on solar performance and much more.
Optimized solar savings for solar customers

Optimized Solar Savings

Once a user signs up, we provide online tools to calculate his/her optimum system size based on his/her electric bill and available roof-top area. The fully customizable tools allow the future solar customer to compare various initial costs and financial options to optimize his/her solar savings.
We help solar installers connect to smart leads

Connect with Smart Leads

With the customized report, we help our solar customers connect to an installer like you. This customer is now a smart solar lead ready to go solar and in turn help grow your business.

We offer web based tools to help you design the system

Utilizing over 20 years of our experience in solar energy science and technology, we have designed online tools that simplify the design and promotion of solar energy for your customers.

Here are some of the tools that we offer:

  • Energy yield prediction: compare energy produced over time by panels from different brands or technology based on spec data of the panel for any given location.
  • Cost of Energy: compare the cost of energy produced by a panel over 25 years of panel life based on spec data of the panel for any given location.
  • Optimum system size: calculate the right system size which will result in maximum savings for your customers.
  • Rooftop panel layout: this tool lays out selected panels on a 3D roof model of your customer’s house and helps you calculate the rooftop solar potential of any customer.
  • Savings for customers: easily customize and show your customers their potential solar savings from different financial options
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