Who We Are

We are an online solar corporation which leverage in-depth technological expertise to enable the widespread adoption of solar electricity at the most competitive cost to the customer. We provide access to a novel cloud-based online platform for optimized system design and financial cost-benefit evaluation allowing for highest level of transparency.

PMax Solar offers something wonderful for anyone and everyone interested in solar

What We Do

For Solar Customers

We offer online tools to optimize savings, select best technology, evaluate roof-top solar potential and compare quotations from installers.

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For Solar Installers

We simplify customer acquisition process and lower its cost. We also provide advanced online tools for energy yield prediction, system design and customer’s financial gain analysis.

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For Others

Interested parties such as solar loan providers, banks, realtors and investors have opportunities for partnership.

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Evaluate Your Solar Potential Now

Using any device, enter your electric bill, your exact location and appropriate solar technology to determine the optimized system at the most competitive price. We also help you connect to the best installers in your area.

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Solar Installers

Compete on a level playing field with any solar installer using our online solar platform

  • Find the customers you are looking for.
  • Select customers based on location and system size.
  • Design solar panel layout and validate the system size.
  • Perform customer’s financial gain analysis to validate cost and savings projections.
  • Use the design, cost and savings for your sales proposal.

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Why Solar Electricity?

  • Solar Electricity converts your electric bill into savings. It will save you tens of thousands of dollars over 25 years.
  • Your home value also increases when you install solar.
  • Your solar electricity reduces the requirement for burning fossil fuel which is equivalent to planting hundreds of trees over 25 years.
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Why PMax Solar?

  • We help you determine your optimum system size and panel technology based on your electric bill and rooftop solar potential.
  • We help you evaluate different financial options.
  • We help you connect to the best installers around.
  • We make it easy for you to compare, customize, choose and decide on how to go solar
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How much does solar cost?

  • It starts from zero-down for bank-loan, PPA and lease to paying the entire cost upfront.
  • You get 30% federal tax credit on total installation cost.
  • Your total savings depend on which option you choose.
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