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Aug 9 2017 

PMax Solar, your future go-green honest solar guide

New online startup PMax Solar offers free and most accurate solar cost and savings report instantly to homeowners nationwide, ultimately simplifying solar customer acquisition. Visitors of have access to user-friendly customizable solar tools that are driven by cloud computing and are powered by in-house APIs. This cutting-edge website computes solar cost, savings from different financial options, required installation area etc. based on solar panel technology and other user inputs. Three different versions of interactive pages (solar savings report, solar learning and solar dashboard) with varying levels of user engagement make the website suitable for any audience. PMax Solar has no bias towards any solar panel manufacturer, installer or finance provider and is, therefore, a trusted advisor to potential solar customers. Interested solar customers are connected to top rated local installers for actual installation quotes, timeline and warranty information.

PMax Solar focuses on quality residential solar demand generation using its online platform. PMax Solar substantially reduces solar installers’ customer acquisition cost while simplifying the process. This allows solar companies to offer a cheaper price for the same product. Thus, PMax Solar strives to leverage in-depth technological expertise to enable the widespread adoption of solar electricity in the United States at the most competitive cost to the customer.

About PMax Solar: PMax Solar Inc. is an online solar corporation leveraging on in-depth technological expertise to provide access to cloud-based solar tools for optimized system design and financial cost-benefit analysis of going solar.  The company streamlines the customer acquisition process and lowers its cost, thereby, driving the organic growth of distributed generation of solar electricity. Interested parties such as solar loan providers, banks, realtors and investors have opportunities for partnership. PMax Solar is currently self-funded. We seek smart investment to propel our business further.

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5 mins on Solar Dashboard saves you thousands of dollars

PMax Solar Dashboard:

Solar Dashboard is the Quickest and Most Effective Way to Estimate Your Savings from Installing Solar.

icon_source_up_white-01The complex nature of evaluating the cost and savings from installing a rooftop solar system is one of the biggest obstacle to the widespread acceptance of residential solar. A simple, effective, accessible and hassle-free solution to this problem can go a long way to help customers embrace such wonderful 21st century technology. PMax Solar Inc. has just released a trail-blazing Solar Dashboard solution. The online tool allows you to evaluate your savings in less than a minute with the only knowledge of your address and average electric bill while allowing you to quickly customize financial preference or select panel technology.

Ever changing local, state and federal regulations on solar electricity coupled with the varying nature of available sunshine which depends on location, orientation, time of year etc. makes estimating your solar savings a complex, confusing and time consuming endeavor. To make matters worse, most (if not all) installers have a bias towards a certain financing scheme or panel technology which makes their advice potentially lacking transparency or honesty. The fierce competition to acquire new customers means they often use high pressure tactics to increase their sales volume, tactics that are seldom in the interest of the consumer.

With PMax Solar Dashboard, you will find a simple, automated, customizable, unbiased, fast, hassle-free and convenient one page online tool that you can use to estimate your cost and savings from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is to input your address and average monthly electric bill.

Dashboard pic1The Dashboard then lets you decide how much electric bill you would like to pay after going solar. That amount can vary from $0 monthly electric bill to up to 100% of what you currently pay. Once you have decided how much your future solar bill will be with solar, next you can decide how you would want to finance your new solar system. The two options are self-pay with upfront cash or solar bank loans. You have full control on adjusting your total system cost (which can be convenient to double check any existing quote from an installer), down payment, interest rate and loan term. Playing with these parameters lets you see how they affect your solar savings and empowers you when negotiating specifics with your solar installer. Your yearly solar savings are calculated based on the parameters you just selected and total solar radiation available in your area and is displayed in big bold numbers for easy reference. In addition, the progression of your cumulative solar savings, over 25 years, from the two financial options, self-pay and bank loan, are displayed in a central graph. Also, a table summarizes your upfront cost, monthly payment after going solar, average yearly savings and your federal tax credit that you will get from uncle Sam after filing your taxes (note: this tax credit is rumored to potentially be eliminated under the new administration so hurry while you still can). In the system requirement section, you get to see what is your optimum system size and the required area for installing it. As a bonus, you can even select and see how a given panel technology affects your savings. This knowledge will make you look like a solar guru, so use it with moderation.

Dashboard pic2

All this information is provided hassle-free without asking you to give any identifiable information such as name, email and phone numbers. If you are interested in getting all this information in a free report via email you have that option too. Just input your name and email. You will even get a chance to activate your account with and use other awesome tools that allows you to check if indeed you have the required rooftop area for free. If you don’t, the tool will still calculate what would your optimized solar system be, given the limited area you have and see associated cost and savings. Seriously, what more would you want? Yes, connecting you to the right installers near you, right? PMax Solar offers that as well, again for free. A maximum of three installers may contact you by email and it will be up to you to decide if you would like to go solar. That part you will have to decide on your own, now that you are empowered with detailed information you obtained from this free Solar Dashboard that helps you in your quest to do your part in bettering the environment while saving money. Try it now! You will be glad you did.

Pursuing residential rooftop solar panels

The residential rooftop solar industry is entering an exciting new era.

Various reports are projecting that the residential rooftop solar industry will undergo phenomenal growth in 2016 and beyond.

Attempting to cash in on the resulting bonanza, many “solar lead generation companies” have set up shop online with the sole purpose of luring potential customers to their site and capture their contact information. This information is then sold to various solar system installation companies that pay them a premium.

Confused Customers

The sales departments of the latter will then bombard those phone numbers, emails and mailing addresses with the sole goal of enticing prospective solar customers into giving in to their sale proposals. To be honest, some of the lead generation and solar installation companies might be more forthcoming than others when explaining the often too complex and confusing process of going solar.

Nonetheless, most solar customers give in to the high-pressure sales tactics of solar companies by signing binding long-term contracts without much grasp of the legal and financial ramifications.

There is no doubt that solar electric technology helps residential solar customers realize tremendous financial opportunities and environmental benefits today. However, the validity and magnitude of those benefits highly depend on several factors.

Reading the fine print

One needs to carefully consider all these factors before deciding whether or not to go solar.

How to finance, what system size to use, what panel technology and which installers to select, which sections of the roof to use etc. all vary depending on the customer.

The appropriate solar solution needs to be customized in each case. Geographic location will also determine how much sunlight one will get and will directly impact the choice of panel technology. Similarly, local, state and federal regulations will determine the best financing options for a particular customer.

To be clear, almost all solar installers will assure customers that due diligence is indeed practiced. There is only one problem: most installers have an obvious conflict of interest when advising on particular technologies to use or recommending a given financing scheme. Some will push their own branded panels because they are vertically integrated to do exactly just that while others will lean towards glorifying PPA (Power Purchase Agreements) or leasing options to customers because that is exactly how they can maximize their profits and stay in business.

These are some of the problems this young and dynamic industry is experiencing. The business models of most solar companies directly conflict with the interest of solar customers. This indeed acts as a drag on an industry that is poised to experience an explosive growth rarely seen in the past.

Finding solutions

The companies that will solve these conflicts of interest and serve as true and honest guides to solar customers by empowering them through education and transparency will be the winners and enablers of such growth and will stand to reap substantial benefits.

PMax Solar helps install quality rooftop solar panels

That is the goal of our new startup company PMax Solar Inc. ( See our short video below and on YouTube to learn more about what we offer.


Backed by three decades of solar-electric power expertise, the founders (all scientists and engineers) have developed a cutting-edge dynamic online platform. The tools provided on this platform greatly simplify and customize the evaluation process of prospective solar customer’s solar potential while making it a fun, educative and user-friendly experience.

Through this online platform, visitors to can get an impartial source of information that is directly relevant to their specific situations. Only after a thorough expert consulting will customers be contacted by potential installers.

PMax Solar Inc acts as a trusted advisor to potential solar customers since it has no preference to any technology or financing schemes.

The website offers information on a completely customized manner based on visitor’s zip code by loading the appropriate data. The visitor can compare existing quotes, customize her/his solar system size and technology or decide on best financial options using an exact home address, roof area and average electric bill.

There is an option to sign-up and access automated tools that can let the visitor do just that. There is also an option to generate a report that the customer can print and use for future reference when contacted by selected installers.

Prospective solar customers are advised to use such platform and educate themselves before making a decision that will impact their life and savings for the next 25 years. Through such educated decisions they can better harness the power of the sun for the benefit of current and future generations!