Solar Panel Dimensions: How Big Your PV System Must Be?

Your PV System size needs to be just right for maximum savings

  There are several parameters to consider when designing the optimum size of your PV system. The correct solar system size depends on the actual solar panel technology (i.e. the rated power, Pmax, measured at STC or Standard Test Conditions, the panel’s power variation with temperature and its’ projected degradation over time), your electric bill and associated tariff structure, such as Net Energy Metering known as NEM, NEM2 or Feed In Tariff abbreviated as FIT, and including its’ projected increase over 25 years, your projected increase in power consumption, the area and orientation of sections of your roof, any shading from nearby trees or buildings, your home location and the weather at your location which determines the amount of sunlight that falls on your unshaded roof.

    Smaller than optimum PV system size will not enable you to get an optimum solar energy production which will lead to a lower than optimum savings from solar. On the other hand, you can lose money if the installed system size is larger than optimum system size. Interestingly, in this case, it does help installers make more money as they charge you by system size. 

PMax Solar Inc

   This means that determining an optimum PV system for optimum solar savings is best left in the hands of PV experts. One such online PV expert is, which offers an innovative and highly dynamic website based on cloud computing that helps you estimate your optimum PV system size within seconds. We provide a free of charge detailed report of your projected solar savings including system size. We also help you connect to qualified installers who will provide you actual installation quotes. In addition, your free membership to  gets you access to roof calculator tools for evaluating and comparing installer quotes. The sun is free, so is PMax Solar’s service to you, check us out.


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Solar customer acquisition enters 21st century with

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Aug 9 2017 

PMax Solar, your future go-green honest solar guide

New online startup PMax Solar offers free and most accurate solar cost and savings report instantly to homeowners nationwide, ultimately simplifying solar customer acquisition. Visitors of have access to user-friendly customizable solar tools that are driven by cloud computing and are powered by in-house APIs. This cutting-edge website computes solar cost, savings from different financial options, required installation area etc. based on solar panel technology and other user inputs. Three different versions of interactive pages (solar savings report, solar learning and solar dashboard) with varying levels of user engagement make the website suitable for any audience. PMax Solar has no bias towards any solar panel manufacturer, installer or finance provider and is, therefore, a trusted advisor to potential solar customers. Interested solar customers are connected to top rated local installers for actual installation quotes, timeline and warranty information.

PMax Solar focuses on quality residential solar demand generation using its online platform. PMax Solar substantially reduces solar installers’ customer acquisition cost while simplifying the process. This allows solar companies to offer a cheaper price for the same product. Thus, PMax Solar strives to leverage in-depth technological expertise to enable the widespread adoption of solar electricity in the United States at the most competitive cost to the customer.

About PMax Solar: PMax Solar Inc. is an online solar corporation leveraging on in-depth technological expertise to provide access to cloud-based solar tools for optimized system design and financial cost-benefit analysis of going solar.  The company streamlines the customer acquisition process and lowers its cost, thereby, driving the organic growth of distributed generation of solar electricity. Interested parties such as solar loan providers, banks, realtors and investors have opportunities for partnership. PMax Solar is currently self-funded. We seek smart investment to propel our business further.

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